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Women’s Career Coach & Mentor

Helping women in a male dominated industry gain the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their ideal career!

About Me

Learn more about me and how I started ‘Owning my road’.

How Can I Help You?

Don’t wait! See how I can help you gain the clarity & confidence you need to achieve your ideal career!

What Do I Do?

I want women to be passionate about what they do and have confidence in who they are as they set about their day. You will most likely have, or one day start a family, that you will want to set an example for, and ultimately change a generation’s view on diversity and inclusion.

I help women gain the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their ideal career.  Through clarity, courage & confidence, I have seen women unveil their ideal career, all the while being themselves and flourishing.

Who Can I Help?

Women in Male Dominated Industries that want to take control of their career!

With over 20 years experience working in male dominated industries, I know the challenges that many women face on a daily basis.

It’s not all about getting more women to the top! It’s about everyone being able to be their best, with no one unduly critiqued or passed over (regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or disability).

Coaching & Consulting

Offering both 1:1 and group coaching for women who want to take control of their careers and flourish.

Corporate Training

We provide Corporate Training packages for your workplace that promote a positive changes.

Transformational Thinking

With 20+ years experience, Jo has a very individual way of looking at the way you can move your career forward.


Jo is available to speak on many issues relating to women working in a male dominated industries.

Coaching Packages

Taking The Mask Off

A 5 step methodology to support you in your career

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This simple 5 step methodology has allowed me to better understand how my work and life intertwine, and how I can use that knowledge to move forward in my career. I know it can help you too!


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3 Reasons why you haven’t achieved that promotion….YET!!

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I’m going to share with you the 3 secrets I used to gain work/life balance, move forward in my career without the support of my boss and be successful in getting roles without ALL the required experience.


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Courageous – Claiming Your Ideal Career

An 8 week course to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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This program was written for EVERY WOMAN who ever felt they’ve been overlooked, treated badly in the workplace or simply hasn’t been able
to achieve the positions they want in their career. Let me help you discover the personal freedom that comes with learning how to improve your

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About Me

I started Own Your Road to help empower women in a male dominated industry to be themselves while they achieve the role(s) of their dreams. I believe you can still be a Glamazon and bring your own sass, and not have to conform to a set mold, and still climb the ladder to success.


In my 20+ years working in a male dominated industry, I have seen far too many brilliant women act in a manner that isn’t them, and ultimately fail in their quest to succeed.



“Jo Martin is a powerhouse that has created an amazing transformational program for women who are either leaders (that want more) OR who would like to learn how to climb the ladder in male dominated workplaces. It takes courage and determination to get to the level of management Jo has and now she’s sharing it with the world. Look out, here she comes”

– Cathy

“I was facing a redundancy or redeployment at my work, and reached out to Jo, an ex colleague who created Own Your Road. The twists, turns and bends of the next fortnight’s roller coaster ride at work were hard to handle, that’s where Jo stepped in to help, sharing her 5 step approach with me. The timing was nothing short of magic!!

I was able to discuss, ponder and truly consider not only my career, but my heart, my desire, my balance and most importantly for me on reflection, my self confidence or lack of it. Jo was amazing at picking up subtleties in my responses and heard my truths, and challenged me to hear them too.

I’ve made tough and brave decisions this week. I’ve realised that I can achieve great results anywhere and stepping back and out for me is actually stepping up. I recommend Jo and her approach to any woman feeling a little conflicted, juggling their desires, benefits, relationships, balance and career choices – you’ll be amazed at what you realise about yourself”

– Layla

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