“You’re the voice, try and understand it” – John Farnham


The first line in the chorus of the well known Aussie singer’s ‘You’re The Voice’ track, has always resonated for me in relation to my work. How can I as a woman, in a male dominated industry, have a greater voice?


Let me explain it further, or share with you a few questions I have often asked myself in my career, so that you can understand the road I’ve been on:

  • Why are there minimal females around the Executive table?
    • The fact of the matter is, that in 2018, out of the CEOs who lead the companies that make up the Fortune 500 list, just 24 are women!


  • Why is it, that I struggle to be heard in meetings, but have SO much to say from a different perspective with the problem at hand?


  • Deep down, at various times throughout my career, I wondered why I was not being taken seriously when it comes to the work I do, and the value I provided to the Company I worked for?


You see, the issues I raise in the questions above, were those, just to name a few, that I faced as I progressed through my career.


I haven’t always had the confidence I have now. I have certainly doubted myself plenty of times along the way.


I’ve experienced bullying, and now know how to spot the commencement, and what I need to to do should I see this.


I’ve witnessed unconscious bias at times from both Managers, Peers & Interviewers.


I’m sure I’m not the only woman to go through this, but I can’t sit silent and not share my story and what I’ve learnt.


I know that the road ahead, My Road, will throw me curve balls, and make me ask questions, but I will OWN what I do, and how I do it.


One day while working on my confidence, I thought “What makes me powerful, more confident and able to create the workplace I want to be in”?


Out of the blue, the word Glamazon flew in to my mind! I know it sounds silly, and I certainly had a good giggle to myself, thinking how can I be a Glamazon, and what does it even mean?


As the days passed it just stayed with me, and I thought I may as well just OWN it! Why not?!! After all, I was creating a new ME and Glamazon just hit the nail on the head when it came to summarising all the traits! I had transformed in to a Glamazon, and I loved the feeling it gave me!


So, what is a Glamazon?


Picture this!! A mix of Wonder Woman and Xena – The Warrior Princess (minus the costume to go with it) if you get my drift.


You see, both these women, although fictional characters, are Warriors. Warriors who are still women with very high values. They can be sensitive, they are smart and independent and emotional, and they can at times lose their confidence.


At the heart of them, they are BRAVE!


If I reflect on my 20 year career, I have learnt to be:

  • someone who is courageous to speak when I have something to offer in meetings
  • someone who goes to work every day, authentically achieving my goals, knowing that I need to be heard
  • A Glamazon Advocate, who is able to live by the words “We’re not gonna live in silence, We’re not gonna live in fear” (John Farnham – You’re The Voice)


I coined the term, The Glamazon Advocate, as I support and 100% back women like me who are Glamazons, or even Glamazons in the making.


We all have to start somewhere, and some people have a head start. Regardless of where you’re at, let me tell you, the destination you have to look forward to as you transform is Amazing!


It’s time to Own Your Road!


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