I’m always keen to learn how I can become a better leader, but I never thought that I would learn some amazing lessons from the team at my favourite gym, Highlow Fitness.


I’ve been attending this fantastic gym, my local @ Ramsgate for the past 5 years, and love the team there, led by the owner and founder, Mark Garrahy.


When I signed up to their most recent 6 week transformation challenge, I didn’t expect that I would learn some invaluable lessons on how important communication and team work matters more than anything in succeeding.


Instead of going in with the same “lose weight” approach, we were tasked with setting other goals for the transform, of which mine stated:

“to prioritise ME time and in the process reduce stress and lose size to fit back in to some of my favourite dress”.


The trainers were constantly checking in on me and making sure that my mindset was resetting to think about what I could change now and keep it consistent rather than how hard I could train or diet to lose weight fast.


It made me realise just how important being part of a team was, and what it truly means to have people supporting you in your goals.


How important it is keep people informed of your goals and challenges along the way, and also the importance of being honest in what you’re experiencing in order to get help moving forward in your quest for success.


The road in any journey, whether it be leadership or fitness, are filled with hurdles that faced alone can feel like an uphill battle.


By having the leader ensure that:
  1. everyone is focused on day to day successes,
  2. there is implementation of a mid-way check in on progress or,
  3. there is understanding around what could be tweaked to make a step forward by having informal discussions on progress after a session
means that people would invariably gain greater success than letting people go through the challenge without a documented result until the end of the 6 weeks.


I’m pleased to say that the change in mindset enabled me to actually take out the award for the “Best Result – Female Inbody Scan” seeing a fantastic reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle mass.


I’ve definitely achieved what I set out to.

I’ve prioritised ME time


I’ve reduced the everyday stress impacts


I can now fit back in to my favourite dresses and much more that wasn’t being worn in my wardrobe


The biggest success for me is that I feel that the changes that I have made through this time are now part of my lifestyle rather than a quick fix for the 6 weeks, never to be repeated again until the next transform.


It helped me realise after looking back on the last 6 weeks, just how much impact a leader can have on their team in guiding them to think differently to make positive, longer lasting change and ultimately succeed in achieving their longer-term goals.


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