You may be looking at the restrictions imposed on us to work from home due to COVID19 mean that you’re not able to do all that you want, when you want.


You may also think that if this goes on for too long that you may lose momentum in your career development as you’re not seeing people every day.


This may be true, but think about things from a different angle, and you may be surprised at what you’ve been missing when looking at the situation at the moment.


I’ve discovered 5 strategies that will allow you to not only deal with the restrictions set, but also allow you to develop in areas that you may not expect you could.


1. Routine


This is the key one to ensuring you know which day of the week it is, and more importantly means that when you can go back in to the office, that you don’t struggle to quickly get back on track.


Through the week I keep my same bed time schedule so that I don’t get in to holiday habits of staying up later and then sleeping in. It also helps my body recognise which days belong to the weekend


2. Rest


It’s not only about getting the right amount of sleep, but for those women out there who normally wear heels in to work most days, it also means that our calves are breathing a huge sigh of relief as we wear either no shoes or flats.


I’ve added in extra stretching at lunchtime focusing on tired and tight areas, which also means that I’ll most likely come out of this more flexible than I’ve ever been in my adult life.


3. Keep Active


We’ve gone from being able to walk around the office to get our steps up, to having only a very short walk from where we’ve set up our work stations at home to our bathroom and back.


If you normally wear a device that measures your steps, I’m sure that you’ve quickly realised how much less active you are at the moment.


If you have school age kids at home with you too, like I do, you’ll probably also realise how much crankier they’re getting as they’re not outdoors as much or running around with their school friends.


A great way to increase your movement is to take a 10 minute break every couple of hours at least and walk around the block. Take the kids too and see how revitalised they become and how you all have better focus and productivity when you get back in to doing what you need to.


If you were going to the gym before this, or even if you weren’t, there’s never been a better time to start working out. So many gyms are offering livestream or virtual sessions, where you can sign in and follow a qualified trainer. For me, having my gym offer this has been great not only from an exercise perspective, but also allows me to see the other members who I miss catching up with.


4. Find your voice


Working remotely gives us a very unique opportunity to practice speaking up, without having to see the other people you are speaking to.


If you get nervous raising your ideas or opinions in front of a team because you get red or shake, then this is the time for you to practice and get your confidence up via conference call. Give it a try!


The other great benefit of this is that people on the line may never have realised how much you had to offer.


Developing your presence has never seemed so easy.


5. Keep connected


Lots of women I speak to at the moment aren’t sleeping well with so many things changing on a daily basis.


You are NOT alone in this, even though you may feel isolated.


What I’ve found is that by reaching out to friends or creating a WhatsApp group of colleagues and checking in regularly, reduces the feelings of isolation, and soon makes you realise that everyone is experiencing the same as you are.


You’ll come out of this knowing more about your colleagues and them about you, which in turn will make you understand each other better, and that can only be a good thing.


Not everyone enjoys being isolated, as many extroverts are finding out, that they miss the human and social interaction that has been forced away from them.


These are unusual times, but it’s important that we understand how we can benefit from them, as well as get through them.


I help women in male dominated industries understand the 3 steps they need to take to uncover and obtain their ideal role.


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