Jo Martin

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Helping you ‘Own Your Road’

“I’m Jo Martin – The Glamazon Advocate. I teach people just like you how to understand their values within and stride confidently through whatever life throws at them”.

My Story


I started Own Your Road to help empower women in a male dominated industry to be themselves while they achieve the role(s) of their dreams. I believe you can still be a Glamazon and bring your own sass, and not have to conform to a set mold, and still climb the ladder to success.

In my 20+ years working in a male dominated industry, I have seen far too many brilliant women act in a manner that isn’t them, and ultimately fail in their quest to succeed.

What Own Your Road stands for is:

  • Stamping out bullying in the workplace
  • Equality of working
  • Building your confidence without changing your natural style
  • Becoming a game changer, not a game player
  • Helping you realise your passion
  • Reducing unconscious bias in the workplace

We want you to be passionate about what you do, and have purpose as you set about your day. You will most likely have, or one day start a family that you will want to set an example for, and ultimately change a generation’s view on diversity and inclusion.

We want to drive toward a work space that is equal regardless of who you are. What matters should be how you do things. We want you to feel you have permission to be yourself, and not be so harsh on spending some time out on your own to get balance back in to your life.


Coaching – Consulting – Corporate Training – Transformational Thinking – Speaker


Are you getting the promotions you want? Or do you feel like you are always getting overlooked at work???


I’m sorry. The good news is, I can help. I have travelled the very road you are on AND I’m now in a place of leadership that I never thought was possible, so I am confident I can help YOU.

About Jo Martin


I am a passionate mother, corporate executive, entrepreneur with 20+ year of leadership and success in the corporate arena.

I am passionate about empowering women in the workplace and seeing them succeed.


Specialties: leadership | entrepreneur | consulting | corporate training |  advice | leadership development | personal development | logistics | public speaking

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