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Intensive 1:1 sessions designed to help you dissect and resolve the issues you’re facing NOW!

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If you’re struggling to gain a work and life balance, or you feel like you’re on a roundabout of life where you seem to go round in circles, making the same mistakes, or seeing the same tough situations raise their ugly head, again and again, I can help you.

I’ll guide you through how you can change the course of your situation to one that is going to benefit you, so that you can get the career you’re after on your terms.

Courageous – Claiming Your Ideal Career

An intensive 8 week 1:1 program to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


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This program was written for EVERY WOMAN who ever felt they’ve been overlooked, treated badly in the workplace or simply hasn’t been able to achieve the positions they want in their career. Let me help you discover the personal freedom that comes with learning how to improve your circumstance.

Coaching & Consulting

Offering both 1:1 and group coaching for women who want to take control of their careers and flourish.

Corporate Training

We provide Corporate Training packages for your workplace that promote a positive changes.

Transformational Thinking

With 20+ years experience, Jo has a very individual way of looking at the way you can move your career forward.


Jo is available to speak on many issues relating to women working in a male dominated industries.

About Me


I started Own Your Road to help empower women in a male dominated industry to be themselves while they achieve the role(s) of their dreams. I believe you can still be a Glamazon and bring your own sass, and not have to conform to a set mold, and still climb the ladder to success.


In my 20+ years working in a male dominated industry, I have seen far too many brilliant women act in a manner that isn’t them, and ultimately fail in their quest to succeed.

How It Works

a Free 1:1 Discovery Session

Discovery sessions are extremely personalized because, no two women are the same and, we want you to feel you are in good hands.

I’ll help you begin to identify the areas that are holding you back from reaching YOUR goals.


Choose a Coaching Plan That Suits You

Whether you want 1:1 or a Group session, or you’re looking to have a Corporate Training Day.

These sessions can be personalised, and are designed to change to meet your specific needs.

I'll Help You Reach Your Career Goals

Whether your goal is big or small, we have a package to suit.

Join the people already that are achieving their career goals and loving life in the process with the help of our coaching.

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