Everyday life can throw us challenges, be it personal or work, that can leave us feeling low and downright exhausted.


Issues faced that would normally be a piece of cake, suddenly become overwhelmingly difficult as we spiral through pressures and negativity that seem to engulf us.


The ability to change things for the better can also seem daunting as we feel we have to fix everything at once, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.


1. Make saying good morning with a smile your new habit


Are you someone who goes in to work of a morning hoping that no one will notice until you’ve had your first coffee and turned your computer on?


Do you wonder why others always seem to be approached over yourself, even though you know that you both are equally knowledgeable?


It can all come from what I perceive to be the most critical pieces of the day, and that is saying a heartfelt good morning to your colleagues of a morning with a genuine smile.


The other half of this is ensuring you say goodbye in the afternoon, and not do the “ninja” out of the office by sneaking out without anyone noticing.


The first benefit you’ll get from starting your day with a smile and a happy greeting is that you’ll feel good within yourself.


The greater benefit is that it will ensure you look approachable, so that if anyone has a question, they won’t feel uncomfortable approaching you.


Saying goodbye in the afternoon to colleagues on your way out also shows that you firstly make an effort to say goodbye, and signals to them that you are being transparent.



2. Spend 5 minutes really talking to your children in the evening after work


As a mum of 11 year old twins who are actively involved in sports, and a wife, where both my husband and I work full time, there have been times where had I not stopped to understand what my children were feeling, I would have continued pushing them along in a direction that they really weren’t wanting to go.


I also wouldn’t have discovered a few years ago that my daughter was struggling with her schoolwork, and felt overwhelmed because everyone expected she would be like her twin brother and as a result thought she was being lazy.

Asking how everything is going and really listening is essential.


I know my kids love telling me about what they learned at school, or the new song they perfected in band.


By being present with them for even five minutes makes a difference to how they feel about the day and more importantly it gets me in to the mind set of being away from work, and not letting the stresses of the day get to me.


3. Stop and eat lunch away from your desk


This is one that is so easy to make the change to and the benefits are endless, ranging from increased productivity to improved mental well-being.


Why not see if others want to join you.


It will give you more reason to get your mind off work and get to know your peers, and more importantly for them to get to know you better.


4. Be kind to yourself


This is such a critical piece, and one that takes small mind set changes that give longer lasting benefits.


As a mum, I know how easy it is to get in to the cycle of thinking you’re somehow failing because you’re not perfect and able to do it ALL.


Sound familiar?


The next time you find yourself thinking that you have failed because you bought take away for dinner, think about the 5 previous nights that you cooked healthy meals for yourself and your family.


Think about the full time work day that you have completed, and how you managed to juggle your day with the kids’ out of school activity requirements.


Think about all of the household running items you achieve, and even  how you have fit in going to the gym 3 days this week.


Give yourself permission to take it easy on yourself and pat yourself on the back for all that you do, and how much you’re supporting your family achieve their goals also.


5. When faced with an issue, look for the positives!


Another mind set change you might say?


It may be so, but with time will help you get through tough times.


Quite often tough times bring with them negatives wherever you turn.


If you look at the situation and determine how it will help you for the future, or when you get through it how it will make you feel, quite often it gives you greater determination and strength to power on.


These are just five smaller changes that you can make that will impact your life and career longer term. Looking at situations you are in and understanding how you can make small changes to move things in the direction you want is essential, and as you can see the changes don’t have to be huge


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