As the days get shorter, and the chill of winter sets in, do you find yourself longing for summer to come back?


⇒  The longer daylight hours that meant when you left work it was still light.


⇒  Sneaking in a walk before dinner knowing that it wouldn’t get dark until after eight o’clock.


⇒  Letting the kids have a play at the park after picking them up (and you found yourself joining in and showing them how high you could swing) ?


In winter, it can start to feel like you’re on a roundabout of work, cook, sleep, repeat!!


I know, because I’ve been there. It’s not fun, and no one benefits when you get yourself in the rut of the winter blues at work.


The year it hit me the hardest, I also was struggling to keep focus at work and I felt like everything I attempted was overwhelming.


I happened to also get a bad cold that led to pneumonia so was forced to rest and take time off work. I had no choice, I physically couldn’t cope!


It gave me time to reassess what was happening and I realised that my priorities through this time were all scrambled.


I made a promise to myself at that time that things had to change (having 3 weeks off sick certainly gave me time to plan).


I made ME and my family a priority!


I resolved at that time that I would find a role at a different company that was closer to home which would allow me to work more consistent hours, and have greater flexibility to work from home if needed.


I was determined that I would find a gym that was close to home that I would love going to so that I could get my fitness levels back to keep up with my very active children.


I was absolute that I would give my family the love and happiness that they deserved, even if all that meant was a few more cuddles initially.


A year later and I was successful in achieving all of this. Some, like finding a new role at a different company took a bit longer than the simpler pieces of giving my family more cuddles.


I found an amazing gym that offered classes only, and one that was at 5:30am, that allowed me to get brilliant me time in and started my day off with a BANG! ?


I am still a regular attendee at that same gym at 5:30am and have made some awesome friends who are so inspiring.


Rain, hail or shine, I get up in the morning and head to the gym, knowing that if I happen to be sick, one of the group will check in to make sure I’m okay. Even if I feel flat before the class, that soon is gone once the class begins and everyone is motivating each other to power through.


I achieved balance in my work life by finding that role closer to home so that I could pick up the kids earlier from school as I was only a 20 minute drive away from home in comparison to over an hour.


On cold winter days I would ensure that I spent time out in the sun in the park next to my work, even if it was only for 10 minutes.


My new role also meant that if I didn’t finish something at work, I could finish it later in the evening once I had family time.


Six months after I started, my son was asking about how my day was, and then said to me “Mummy, I think you should definitely stay at this company, because you’re always happy now”.


It doesn’t always have to be something as severe as pneumonia that makes you stop and reassess your priorities.


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