Have you ever experienced moments in time when things change at a moment’s notice, and you just have to go with your gut on the next step you should take?


Work is busy, you’re trying to balance family and commitments, and suddenly out of the blue something happens that causes you to stop and realise that what you thought you would be doing is no longer the case, and you are required to go in a different direction.


I had one of those weeks this last week.


The week was going along as normal, and on Wednesday morning I had been thinking ahead to the weekend thinking about the sport that the kids would be playing, and how it would be a relatively quiet time.


I knew that my mother, who lives interstate was having an exploratory procedure on her heart and arteries. A procedure that she had experienced years before, and from all reports we were told would be relatively seamless.


Fast forward to Wednesday evening, and there had been a complication with an artery being torn in her arm, with Mum being rushed in to emergency surgery to stem the flow of blood from the area, followed by a stay in intensive care for over 24 hours and a few extra days in hospital to ensure she was well enough to head home.


On the Wednesday evening, as I was told that she was rushed across in to emergency surgery, my head that had been busy with my work priorities suddenly was buzzing with my mother’s survival.


It was intense and I felt helpless being over 1,000kms away from where everything was happening.


At that point, I knew I had to head to see her as soon as I could and proceeded to book a flight for the next morning.


I must say that the dilemma in my mind about how I would cover my work commitments while I was away was intense. As I was looking at flights, I hesitated many times before finalising the booking. My wonderfully supportive husband had no hesitation and ensured I proceeded on the plan.


Thankfully when I wrote a message to my boss, his words requesting that I focus on my mother and that work would carry on were words that I needed to hear.


My travel to be with my mother was the best decision I made.


To be with her and speak to the doctors about what had happened and why, rather than waiting for text messages or talking to nurses, who despite their phone reassurances, just isn’t the same as being present and understanding.


On the work front, did the world fall apart like I thought it may?


No, of course it didn’t. 


I did manage to dial in to a couple of calls, and logged on once I got back to my parents property in the evening and first thing in the morning to cover off anything urgent.


Too many people put work first, and I am thankful that my work and my manager understand the priority of family.


Whether you need to take time out for yourself or to be with your family to ensure that they are supported, it is essential that you do what you feel in your gut so that you never have regrets.


It can take courage to take that step toward doing what you feel you need to do when work is busy and there are high priority projects in progress at work.


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I’m Jo Martin – The Glamazon Advocate. I coach women in male dominated industries how to understand their value and stride confidently through whatever life throws at them to achieve their goals


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