These are words that my gorgeous mentor and friend recently told me, and in that moment I cried.


Not tears of anger, or joy, but of understanding, that I needed to stop and listen to what my body was telling me, and allowing myself to realise just how much I was already achieving.


You see, I had been focusing on what I wasn’t getting to, or achieving, and I wasn’t following my own advice of writing things down to get them out of my head.


My head was swirling with too much information, and to be honest I was exhausted!


So many people that day saw it in me, and asked if I was okay. It took those few words for me to realise the truth. She also said to me, that if I wasn’t careful that I would make myself sick, and asked how that would make me feel.


It was confronting, but I knew at that point that I needed her help even more than I realised.


We made a plan, and set small goals to work through over the weekend so that I could get to a better place and achieve all that I had to.


I started with writing all that popped in my head on a document over the space of a day. Whenever I thought about what I had to do for work or my business, it went down on paper.


A day later, and my head felt like it was clear and I was able to look at the list and even expand some of the points. This then allowed me to understand where the priorities of everything lay, and place some small timelines against a couple of items.


In changing the way I’ve approached things this weekend, I’ve also ensured that I’ve spent quality time with my husband and children.


Over this time, I’ve been to the kids’ sports matches, spoken to some of the Mum’s at a birthday party my daughter attended, and even held a snake (a 3 metre python – yep that’s me below) at that party, and had an impromptu dinner out with friends while our children were at a mutual party. There was laughter galore and I didn’t over think things. I was just being, and enjoying the journey.

I didn’t stress that I hadn’t been fully prepared for the week on Sunday morning, and yet I find myself at the end of the weekend having been more productive than usual, and happy for the events that arose throughout the whole weekend.


Priorities are everything, but you need to ensure you have the clarity so that you are able to achieve that.


Six words spoken to me late last week that were more impactful than I could have ever imagined, and I am so grateful.


It reaffirmed to me how important it is to have a coach and/or mentor no matter what your goals are!  Someone to ask you the right questions, or to make you realise what is actually happening and help guide you to get back on track.


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